Email Marketing & Creative Collaterals To Scale Up The Operations In Pune Division

Through Mint Social Media’s strategic interventions, Rocomamas successfully overcame its challenges, transforming into a thriving culinary destination in Pune. By leveraging the power of social media, Rocomamas not only amplified its brand presence but also achieved substantial growth in both online engagement and offline sales, positioning itself as a formidable player in the competitive restaurant industry.

Amazing Results

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Creative Collaterals
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Vodafone India is a leading telecommunications giant, providing a wide range of services to millions of customers across the nation. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Vodafone India constantly seeks new ways to engage with its audience and enhance its brand presence.

The Big Challenge

Vodafone India faced the challenge of effectively leveraging social media platforms to engage with its customers and strengthen its brand identity. Despite having a strong presence on social media, the company aimed to elevate its strategies to increase user engagement, drive brand awareness, and ultimately, boost customer loyalty.

The Perfect Solution

  1. Creative Collaterals (+200): Mint Social Media produced over 200 creative collaterals tailored to resonate with Vodafone India’s target audience. These included visually appealing graphics, videos, and interactive content designed to captivate users and drive engagement.

  2. Email Marketing (500,000): Mint orchestrated an extensive email marketing campaign, reaching out to half a million subscribers with targeted content promoting Vodafone India’s services, offers, and brand messaging. This helped in expanding the reach of Vodafone India’s marketing efforts and driving traffic to its social media platforms.

  3. Print Coordination: Mint Social Media seamlessly integrated print coordination into Vodafone India’s social media campaign, ensuring consistency across all marketing channels. This approach helped in reinforcing brand messaging and maximizing the impact of the campaign both online and offline.

The Result

  1. Social Engagement Soars: Within the implementation period, Rocomamas witnessed a remarkable surge in social engagement, with interactions surpassing 50,000, indicating heightened audience interest and participation.

  2. Impressive Footfall Increase: The revitalized social media presence translated into tangible results, as Rocomamas experienced a notable increase in restaurant footfall, with over 5000 patrons visiting its outlets.

  3. Exponential Social Growth: Rocomamas’ social media following witnessed a staggering growth of 1500%, reflecting the effectiveness of Mint Social Media’s targeted strategies in expanding the restaurant’s online community.

  4. Robust Sales Growth: The concerted efforts in enhancing brand visibility, engagement, and footfall directly contributed to a remarkable sales growth of 200%, signaling a significant turnaround in Rocomamas’ revenue generation.