Social Media Marketing Engaged Over 150000 users in span of 6 months

Data Driven Social Media Marketing Campaign that went viral in a matter of 30 days, giving the brand much-needed footfall in brand store. 

Amazing Results

Social Engagement
+ 0
Store Footfall
150 %
Social Media Growth
Revenue Generated


Stile World, an ethnic fashion brand based in Pune, has long been known for its exquisite collection of ethnic wear, catering to the contemporary tastes while staying rooted in traditional craftsmanship. Despite its strong presence in the local market, Stile World recognized the need to expand its reach and engage with a wider audience through social media platforms.

The Big Challenge

Stile World faced several challenges in leveraging social media effectively:

  1. Limited Social Engagement: Stile World’s social media engagement was subpar, with minimal interactions and limited reach.

  2. Footfall Concerns: Despite a loyal customer base, footfall in physical stores needed a boost to match the brand’s potential.

  3. Social Growth Stagnation: The brand’s social media growth had plateaued, hindering its ability to attract new customers and expand its market share.

  4. Revenue Optimization: While revenue was steady, there was a significant opportunity to increase sales through strategic social media initiatives.

The Perfect Solution

  1. Content Strategy Overhaul: Mint Social Media devised a comprehensive content strategy focused on showcasing Stile World’s unique products, highlighting craftsmanship, and engaging with the audience through compelling visuals and storytelling.

  2. Engagement Campaigns: Interactive campaigns, contests, and user-generated content initiatives were launched to increase social engagement and foster a sense of community among followers.

  3. Influencer Collaborations: Strategic partnerships with influencers and fashion bloggers were forged to expand Stile World’s reach and tap into new audience segments.

  4. Social Advertising: Targeted social media advertising campaigns were deployed to drive traffic to physical stores and increase online sales.

  5. Analytics and Optimization: Continuous monitoring of social media metrics allowed for real-time adjustments to the strategy, ensuring optimal performance and ROI.


The Result

The implementation of the new social media strategy yielded impressive results:

    1. Social Engagement: Stile World experienced a remarkable increase in social engagement, with interactions soaring by over 150,000, reflecting a 600% growth rate.

    2. Store Footfall: The enhanced brand visibility and targeted advertising efforts led to a substantial increase in store walk-in footfall, with 15,000 more visitors recorded during the campaign period.

    3. Social Growth: The brand’s social media following witnessed exponential growth, surpassing previous stagnation with a 600% increase in followers.

    4. Revenue Generated: Stile World’s revenue saw a significant boost, with a staggering ₹1,900,000 generated directly attributable to the social media initiatives.