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Online Advertising

Today every single person that holds a smartphone is searching some swot of product services a piece of information using search engines dominated by Google.

Today online ads has been significantly important due to its capability to reach potential customers. Google AdWords on the other hand dominates keyword search market. Our job is to help you choose PPC keywords, write high quality ad copy, execute and measure the campaign to achieve higher business goals.

Mint Social Media will get you started with Google AdWords & grow your business online by effectively managing Google Adwords campaign.

Google AdWords

Google search is just getting bigger with every passing day. Google AdWords is the best way to present your offerings to customers searching for your Vodafone services with relevant keywords.  At mint social media we offer extensive keyword research and analysis to find the best converting keyword for your Google Adword campaign

Facebook Ads

Facebook has changed the way customers think and take buying decisions. Facebook ads can connect your target customers from age, city, areas and other important breakdowns of filters that can showcase your product or services to exact target customers whom you think can be your potential buyers. Band social media has delivered over 1000 Facebook ad campaigns that generates about one 150% of revenue for some of our clients

Display Ads

Jo dikhta hai Wahi bikta hai how true is that? Yes it is. Best way to brand exposure is to get started with display ads for a better brand recall value. We at mint social media make sure the display ads are shown on the best display networks that increase your brand value and conversion ratio driving sales.

YouTube Ads
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LinkedIn Ads
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Online PR Ads
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