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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Has Changed The Way We Connect

Engage Your Audiance With Social Media Marketing

Businesses today are making conscious effort to understand digital marketing and the impact it could make in the success of a brand or business. Research shows that a person spends about 30 mins on all the social media channels collectively. Just shows the kind of opportunities social media space has opened for business and brand to gown exponentially. Customers are obsessively connected to social media, making it absolutely necessary for brands, SME and local businesses to take leverage of the social media platforms effectively.

Social Media Marketing For Engagement & high-quality leads.

Social Media Marketing can resonate your brand and business to far geographical extension you couldn’t imagined 10 years back then. Social Media Marketing helps you target right audience, understand their minds, and creatively resonate and echo your product or services to increase customers and revenues for your business.

85% of online purchase decisions are influenced by social media

More and more people are using social media to research and gains more decision-making insights from social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others to follow.


Our Social Media Strategy Process


Understanding Client Requirement

Identifying client requirement and goals is key to every successful digital marketing campaign.

Clearly defined goals, opportunity, objections and best possible solutions sets the tone to achieve the target.


Identifying Target Audiance & Persona

Creating a multiple target audience, persona, demographic & interest biased targeting narrows down the pipeline, which increases right audience accuracy, making it easy to plan and execute content marketing & online ads campaign successfully to achieve the target.


In-Depth Social Media Strategy

Its now time to pen down a effective social media strategy by understanding the type of themes, brand voice, the communication message that should reach the target audience. 


Content Building

Building a ground breaking social media content for individual social media platforms with customised copy writing, graphic design and videos as per requirement of the strategy.


Performace Optimization

Optimizing social media accounts makes a big impact on the campaign. perfectly sized cover images, profile pictures, defined video quality for maximizing engagement and reach. Finally creating a social media content calendar for posting on-time.


Auditing & Measuring

We at Mint Social Media, constantly improve campaign results through data driven analysis. Clearly defined KPI’s and insightful data from Google Analytics helps us take better business decisions for best in class ROI. 


What is social media marketing & how it helps business or brand grow?
  • Social media give you a high way to reach your target audience.
  • Social engagement helps you engage your audience, build trust, and increase your sales.
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